Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beat Alabama

Who could possibly follow a post about Ashley? Only one man:
"It's going to be a devil of a ball game," Munson said. "I feel they will run it hard on us. All they will have to do is look at our first couple films and they will see that somebody already has run it on us. We are already juggling and changing linebackers. It has been that way from the first day. We have never been sure of the linebackers.

"This is a scary year, and we have to see what we have left when we come out of the end of the year and see if we're standing."

Night game means no fishing for Munson

Larry Munson teleconference transcription.


Nick said...

I just wish Larry was going with the Dawgs to the game!

angela said...

Roll Tide and may the best team (Alabama) win!

Erajh said...

They did. I hope Richt closes practice for the rest of year.