Monday, September 24, 2007

Post Bama report

Well, we beat 'em. I honestly thought we should have run those delusional, self-assured, entitled fools out of their own stadium, but I'll take a W any day, any way.

No doubt talk radio in Tuscaloosa today is centered on how they can still win a National Title this year, and whether Nick Saban will cure cancer or AIDS in his spare time.

While I was in Tuscaloosa I had a few Bama fans, in red shirts but without that crucial cursive "A" to identify them, give me a high-five and say "Go Dawgs." Of course I'd give them the high five. Then they'd say, no, "Roll Tide."

This is apparently known as "getting you" in Tuscaloosa. Yeah, I don't know how they won 12 National Titles, either.

Also, I don't have any problem with the Bama ladies wearing houndstooth dresses, hats, etc. But, men? That's got to stop.

Anyway, from the boys at Georgia Sports Blog:
Traffic Post-Game: the residents of Tuscaloosa, the Alabama fans, the City and County Governments of the Tuscaloosa area, Mal Moore, the Alabama Department of Transportation, the US Department of Homeland Security and Forrest Gump should all be kicked in the balls for letting the post-game traffic problems continue. They've been playing football in T-town for almost 120 years. Are you seriously telling me that they haven't figured out how to get people out of town yet?

I was in that traffic, and it was ridiculous. They must have hired a Clemson graduate to set this lunacy up.

And a potentially disturbing look ahead from David Ching in Columbus:
(Richt) said watching Ole Miss in his hotel room on Saturday made him "sick to my stomach." They did play well. I watched a good portion of that game before I went to Tuscaloosa and they absolutely had the Gators on the ropes going into the fourth quarter.

The Ole Miss game now takes its place as the biggest game of the year. That's what happens when you win in the SEC.

Million Dollar band my ass.

Seriously, enough with the houndstooth. He's been dead for 24 years.


Lara said...

Nick Saban is almost as ugly as Steve Spurrier...

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