Friday, November 23, 2007

Georgia - Georgia tech: Where one-yard runs can change your life.

No more talk of all the planets aligning so that Georgia can play for a National Title this year, no matter how alluring the subject is. We have business to attend to.

And besides, did you see USC whip Arizona State last night? I was across the country, sitting on my parents couch, and even I didn't feel safe from their defensive line.

We don't deserve a shot at the National Title this year. Of course, it hasn't been so long since I thought we didn't deserve a shot at the SEC Title.

In fact, after the debacle that was the Tennessee game, I may have said that, if we won the SEC Title, they should just stop having SEC Titles.

I would like to rescind that statement and apologize for it. Go Kentucky.

This Saturday we play Georgia tech. This Saturday is for hate. And, truth be told, if we won five National Titles in a row, that wouldn't be enough for me as a Georgia fan. Not until Georgia tech disbands its football program and apologizes to the state. That will be enough.

Barnhart did a thing on Georgia's top five wins over tech, including the "Drought-Breaker" of 1957.

For those of you who don't know that story, read it. We retired a fullback's number primarily because of his play in that one game.

The younger set may tell you tech's not a big deal. They are wrong. If you don't think the tech game matters, try losing one.

It burns like fear. It knots your stomach like acid and hate.

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