Friday, November 23, 2007


We had a great quote about Knowshon Moreno in today's paper:
I think the thing that jumps out at me most of all is his emotion and his genuine love of the game, the way he plays it every play. I watch this kid play, and he doesn't know what down it is. He's thinking it's the last time he's going to touch the ball in his life. I grade players for a living, and there's about two percent of the ones that can play that can't control how much they love to play, and he can't control it. That kind of stuff is infectious. There are not many guys who are like that on Saturday who are not like that the rest of the week. The kid finishes runs and challenges people physically for his size the way Walter Payton used to. He's bringing it to you. You may tackle him, but he's hitting you, man. He has a great combination of power and elusiveness as well and at the same time he's not always willing to be elusive. He wants people to know that he's tougher than they are and he's coming all day.

- Kansas City Chiefs scout Mike Hagen, who attends most Georgia home games

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