Sunday, November 25, 2007

In my weaker moments, I almost pity them

Just a few thoughts on Georgia tech before I move on...

It must be incredibly frustrating to be a serious tech fan. And I don't just mean the program's commitment to mediocrity (7-5 again? Shocking). Or the ability to beat Auburn and lose to Wake Forest in the same season, though both must be maddening. It's dealing with your own fan base.

Many individual tech fans are alright. I met a couple Saturday that I enjoyed talking to. But the self-whammy machine that is their fan base as a whole is pathetic. (Is that too obvious a statement? Probably.)

How is it that, in the biggest game of your season, in one of the smallest major college football stadiums in America, for a game where the opposing team fills at least 30 percent of your seats, how is it that you can't fill the rest?

Throughout the game I could see empty seats in the back of the endzone, in what appeared to be the student section.

You can't even fill the student section? What must that do to the tech fan's psyche? Is this why you guys are so angry all the time?

And the pre-game stuff - someone call the tech athletic department and tell them slow piano music is probably not the best background for player introductions. That releasing a whole two dozen balloons into the air is not impressive. That the band's all white uniforms really just scream "surrender."

But I do love the way fans jump up and down and yell "Wa-ah-ah-ahh-ahh-ahh" right before their team comes out. Credit where credit is due: It gives the whole event the air of a big-time high school basketball game.

Enjoy the bile and envy, fellows. Fire your coach and we'll see you next year in Athens.


Alice said...

All I can say is fabulous!!!

Jason said...

My favorite part was the fact that I sat in what was supposed to be a non UGA section yet the only Tech fans within 4 rows of us were the 5 old guys to my right who ragged on Gailey all game.

Nick said...


Elaine Spencer said...

Love it -

whatwhatsthescene said...

good advice about firing the coach. glad tech took it

this paul johnson fellow seems to know what he's doing :)