Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deserve's got nothin' to do with it

Never say never in this crazy year, but it looks like this is it. We didn't move up at all in the Coach's Poll (or the AP, for that matter). Hard to believe that the Harris Poll and the computers would give us enough of a bump to play in the title game.

A shame, but hard to argue with. Of course, had we moved up to No. 2, that would have been hard to argue with, too. I don't know that I've ever seen two teams lose in front of a team, and that third team didn't move up. But that's what happened.

The voters thought we were the No. 4 team in the country last week after Missouri, West Virginia and Ohio State. Were they wrong then, or are they wrong now?

The only real problem I have with all of this (beyond the relatively ridiculous system we have in place to name a champion in college football) is Ohio State. Why is no one questioning their right to play in the title game?

People say it's not fair for us to play for the title without winning our conference, or even our division. Well, is it fair that the Big 10 doesn't have a championship game? Or that Ohio State's best win is against Michigan, who lost to a Division 1-AA school?

We don't really deserve to play for the National Title this year. But neither do the teams that are going to play for it. All I'm saying is that someone is going to steal a championship this year, and we'd like a crack at the safe.

But it looks like the Sugar Bowl v. Hawaii. Better than I expected earlier this year, and somehow still a whammy.

Still, this remains the craziest football season I've ever seen, and also the most fun. Congrats, Dawgs. You blew us away.

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Erajh said...

Its hard to hide my disappointment that we didn't move up. What happened over one week to make us get worse and Ohio St. get better? All I've learned is the BCS does not work.