Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh, and Kirk Herbstreit can...

This is a family newspaper, but you get the jist. Not sure I can improve on what DawgsOnline has to say about Kirk Herbstreit's stellar "reporting" and "analysis" yesterday.

We all make mistakes, but we pay for them, too. By, say, sacrificing just about all of our journalistic credibility and assuring that reasonable people no longer believe what we report on national television.

And great job pointing out Herbstreit's about face on the take-the-two-best-teams-no-matter-what issue. I guess it makes a difference when the two "best" teams are in the Big 10, huh?

Sometimes I wonder if ole Herbie is still upset about this.


Eric Tonn said...

Great work referencing Ol' Herby's past. Love it! And I also love how he's pretty much been campaigning for Stafford and the Dawgs most of the year and seems to want to disavow all of his previous comments now. Good job.

Molly said...

Even worse is freakin Mark May. I HATE that guy... Herbie at least picks us some of the time. Mark May is what Corso used to be. Although I am confused how Herbie and others were talking us up before the LSU/TN game about how "oh Georgia could go to the National Title if Mizzou and West Va lose" then it happens and we DROP in the polls.

As Mark Richt said, it's not that LSU doesn't deserve to go it's that being the conference title winner isn't in the BCS rules. and if that is, obviously, a qualification it should be an official one.