Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Take that, Honolulu Star Bulletin!

A local Dawg fan has come to my defense in the Hawaiin press:
Dawg lovers wish no ill will toward Colt
Greetings from the warm climes of middle Georgia. In the last couple of days, we here have been treated to a few letters in our paper from some of y'all who have gotten the impression (false, may I add) that we want Colt Brennan's "head on a platter." Please allow me to explain that here in Georgia, passion for our beloved Dawgs runs very deep and has run deep for many, many years. We tend to take football very seriously here, and things can be said that perhaps folks who only in recent years have started up a football program misinterpret.

No one here wants any harm to Colt; as a matter of fact, I want him to have a career day against my Dawgs. That, however, will not change the outcome as he hasn't yet seen (oh, he will) a D-line like ours.

But I digress. To those of you who took offense at a local columnist here, lighten up, he isn't Kirk Herbstreit. I hope you all have great holidays, and to those of you making the trip, you are going to have a blast. 'Ceptin' for the game, that is. Take care.

Danny Hinton
Macon, Ga.

I want to thank Mr. Hinton for explaining things to these folks. The Hawaiin press has been villainous in its unfair, inaccurate and undeserved excoriation of my character.

Now back to thinking of new things to make fun of about Hawaii.


Erajh said...


If nothing else...make fun of them for their love affair with Spam.

CB said...

Or just remind them of the fact that they had to go into overtime twice this year... Once with a Louisiana Tech team that finished 5-7 and was beaten badly by "real" ranked teams (Cal & L.S.U.)... and a second time with San Jose State, another 5-7 team who only beat the 1-11 Vandals from Idaho by 8, AT HOME!

I can't wait for them to see what Southern football is all about...

First BCS appearance, huh?

That's cute


Nick said...

You've been saved!

Anonymous said...

You do realize that you're cutting a team down for having a weak schedule right?
I have to say that the letter written from Hawai'i is kind of embarrassing. There was no need to react that way. In football, we all get crazy and talk smack....that's half the fun. Honestly, it doesn't even matter if we win...look how far we've already come. This is HUGE for our football program. It's an honer to play on the same stage as SEC players. We'll see what happens.

BTW, the apostrophe (and it's called an okina) is what gives the correct pronunciation of the word.... we think it's hilarious when you say Hawaii.