Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good for Arkansas, good for the Falcons, bad for Petrino

What, did Bobby Petrino say to himself: "You know, the Falcons are pretty dysfunctional, but where can I go that's really messed up? And can I get a job there and ruin my credibility in the National Football League at the same time?"

Petrino quits mid-season, heads to Arkansas.

He might want to read up on the Arkansas open records act, or, maybe, never, ever use a university cell phone.

UPDATE: Not to belabor the obvious, but is there any reason I shouldn't just consider Petrino a shameless bag of dirt? He did take a pay cut, so maybe that's one. Still, from The AJC:
Team owner Arthur Blank said Monday he had heard Arkansas was targeting Petrino to replace Houston Nutt as its coach and that the latest rumor about his coach prompted him to ask Petrino that afternoon about his future plans.

Blank said Petrino, who was signed from Louisville to a five-year, $24.5 million contract Jan. 8, told him that he would be back to coach the Falcons in 2008. It was the second time Blank had asked Petrino about his commitment the team over the past few weeks and the second time Petrino told him he would be back next season.

Said a buddy of mine: "This is what rats look like when they're leaving a sinking ship."

Agreed. I'm not a big Falcons fan, but I got nothing for liars.

By the way, time will tell whether this guy is a liar, too, and I owe Kirk Herbstreit an apology.

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Nick said...

Days like this make me love Coach Richt even more. I am glad the Birds got rid of Petrino by the way. It will be good for the Falcons in the long run.