Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Take that! Ohio State, college football poll voters, Michael Adams and my liver (again).

Can we make it a rule that Ohio State doesn't get to play in another National Title game, unless it's against Georgia?

Seriously, is every single voter who had them at No. 1 ashamed, and can we get some signed letters of apology mailed to Coach Richt, Southern Cal., the SEC, college football fans in general and all that is right and holy in this world?

Because you chumps blew it.

By the way - as LSU was hoisting the National Title trophy, the folks at the Super Dome shot a bunch of purple and yellow confetti all over the place. I wonder, what do they do with the Ohio State confetti? Presumably they saved last year's supply. Cuts down on costs.

Or maybe they just never bought any, since it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that Ohio State was going to get brutalized like a handicapped second grader playing in a middle school dodge ball game.

As my sister said after Ohio State suffered its first near decapitation: "Welcome to a regular season SEC game, jackasses."

And now I see Michael Adams is for a playoff. That's good news. Where was he 8 years ago, when the rest of us realized the BCS was a mess? Or in 2004 when Auburn went undefeated, got screwed, and exposed the system as the joke it is?

Welcome to the party, President Adams. I hope you brought beer, because we floated the obvious keg last night.

I also saw that Ohio State's president is against a playoff. Shocking. The guy who most benefits from not having a playoff is against adding one. Someone give a wounded deer a microphone and let's see what he thinks about adding bazookas to the list of approved hunting weapons.

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Anonymous said...

Georgia, as good as they were, should not have been in the National Championship. Where the BCS got it wrong was that Illinois should have faced Hawaii and Georgia should have played USC.

Both USC and Georgia looked phenomenal against two teams that were decent but not great. Hawaii had talent but the level of play it faced compared to Georgia is incomparable.

After the fact, fine, Georgia is ranked No. 2 - but they were where they were supposed to be all season.