Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I don't remember them being THIS spectacular

A buddy of mine wrote this, and I asked his permission to print it here. I hate it when people write gooder than me.
Sanford Stadium, in all of its glory, is empty, waiting for the day it is filled again with more than 96,000 of our closest friends. And so are we. The UGA shrine at the East end zone has the facial expression of a pup that has lost its owner. And so do we. The airwaves are still there, yet they lack a soul. There is no more Munson for us to hear. No one to give us chills and goose bumps. No one to make us worried about that freshman running back from that D-II school that could, at any moment, take it to the house and whittle down that 40 point lead we built up in the first half.

Nope. All of this gone for the moment. But fear not, my friends. Because, much like the hedges that surround the battle field, we must fade away for a while. We have to take a moment to recall the good times of the last 5 months and even more time to think about the ones to come. Because, just like the hedges, we will come alive next fall. Yes, we will come back to life next fall more glorious than ever imagined. People will look upon us, as they do the hedges every year, and they will say, "I remember them being beautiful, but I don't remember them being THIS spectacular". And all will be right. The 8 months of torturous waiting will be over, and it will have been worth it.

Because like I said, I'm happy our Georgia Bulldogs finished 2nd this year.

But #1 is where we're headed.

- Chris Brusko

I would note, and I know Brusko would as well, that there are other concerns between now and the fall. The Dawgs' basketball team (which I will begrudgingly recognize as existing if they do well tonight) plays Georgia tech tonight in Athens.

And there's always baseball season, tennis, gymnastics and a host of other sports for us to cheer.

Go Dawgs.

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