Monday, April 7, 2008

Lawrence H. Munson

Did you know the H. in Larry Munson's name stands for Harry?

My thoughts and prayers are with Munson and his family as he recovers from a Friday brain surgery. Thought the prognosis is good, I just can't help but think that brain surgery ain't no joke.

This is from my interview with him in 2005:
Q: What do you love most about Georgia football?

A: Ah, just the game itself. Trying to win. Just the game itself. Sometimes, it's great, after a day game played at home, and get lucky, and get home maybe by 4:30; it's a great time to have a drink if you won the game and if the game meant something. But, again, on the road, our nights and our dinners with our group as we look for the best restaurant in whatever city it is and hire cabs and hold cabs, we really, we have big times. Football, the anticipation, it's just a great feeling to win.

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