Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brett probably has his own mountain. A few announcements.

You need a moment sometimes to discuss things not Rennie Curran related.

Widespread Panic
will play two New Year's Eve shows in Denver, Colorado, not Atlanta, Georgia, this year. At the Pepsi Center, of course. Liberal.

At our tailgate last weekend a friend of mine was wearing a silver dress. She said "I'm bringing it back." I believe her.

Scarlett Johansson. Stolen from the Internet, because sometimes your friends don't like you randomly posting pictures of them to the Internet.

Approximate time South Carolina's hopes were crushed (2008 occurance): 11:44 p.m., September 4.

I bought a $7.99 bottle of after shave lotion today with "natural MICRO Tec." That doesn't sound natural.

Central Michigan's Josh Gordy can suck it.

Finally, there might be a Mohs sighting this weekend. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is hurricane dependent.

Also kind of silver. Mohs, The General, Petersen, Fain?
Image: Ryan Mohs.


Erajh said...


Tell Mohs I said Hello!

Also CMU's starting LB Tim Brazzel is from Smyrna and a Campbell alum.


Joy said...

I thought Ryan Mohs fell off the face of the earth! Gee I love the internet!

Bryan Dukes said...

hey dude, if you need any Panic material, I've got all you need. happy to share if you're interested

go dawgs

Brett said...

Of course I do. I'd never share a mountain.