Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Man, I hate it when people add "gate" to stuff. It was the name of the hotel.

David Hale links to several stories about ESPN's failure to include our Heisman Candidate running back jumping over a dude on Saturday. Including pieces on Deadspin and Total UGA.

And then there's this post from The Dawgvent, allegedly written by ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt:
I work at ESPN...I talk about sports on the tv and the fact, I was hosting s/c the other night when we didn't show the Knowshon jump. I had the highlight and I can remember thinking...I wonder why we didn't show it because that was bonkers. However, what the highlight DID show, was Knowshon stiff arm some poor guy to death and run 52 yards for a score where he had to dive for the pylon. It was his longest run for a score on the day - so it's not as if there was some sort of conspiracy to slight Knowshon or the 'dogs.

In our meeting, I suggested we ought to do an on camera lead in to the game explaining that smashing CMU was more significant than casual fans might know. So....there's that. I know every fan base is convinced that "ESPN hates us" - particularly yours. But it's not the case. At least not this guy.

I'm not saying ESPN hates the Dawgs. I think they've given us some good love over the years. But they displayed some pretty significant incompetence in not showing an amazing highlight, and in absolutely burying our highlights package on Saturday.

And I want to hear an apology. Because I'm petty.

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