Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you, rest of the world

Rivals' story on The Knowshon Moreno Highlight Controversy is the top story on Yahoo! right now.

It's the same piece based out of Richt's teleconference, but surely we're going to hear, eventually, about this from Herbstreit, Corso, Fowler or some other top personality or official at ESPN.

What I would call the "main" YouTube of the highlight is up to more than 133,000 views.

UPDATE: Something I just said: "Baby, what is it about bourbon you think makes me forget where I put it?"

UPDATE 2: A buddy of mine, a huge Dawg fan who already has plans to go to Arizona State and Jacksonville, is facing the prospect of extended jury duty soon. Jury selection alone could take weeks, the judge said.

The idea of him being sequestered during The Historic Season of 2008 is just tragic enough to be hilarious. Said Silver*:
This one's gonna be a dozy either way. Either with me threatening a superior court judge, or missing the greatest football season of our time, when our running back is hurtling men.

*Due to Lucid Idiocy policy of changing some people's names to the school colors, this name has been changed to one of the school's colors.

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Anonymous said...

This would be just about appropriate after the season Silver had last year...