Monday, October 27, 2008

Florida, when you get here, I got whole case of hate

My buddy Todd lives down here in Florida. And he says all the Gator fans can talk about is Georgia. How they've always hated us, but this year they HATE us.

Please, Florida fan. Unless you're calling on a time phone from 1983, don't tell me about a case of the wants its.

The Senator's got a good breakdown of the SEC with less than half the season to go:
Florida (4-1 SEC; 6-1 overall). First in the conference in scoring offense. First in the conference in scoring defense. Dynamic special teams. But for some unfortunate turnovers against Ole Miss, the Gators would probably be the #1 team in the nation right now. The only caveat about the Gators is that they really haven’t been tested defensively so far. They’ve faced the #s 34, 48, 77, 82, 88, 100 and 105 nationally ranked schools in rushing offense. And they’ve only played one team to date which returned a starting quarterback from the season before - Arkansas’ Casey Dick. That’s not to say they’re not a good defensive team, but it’s something we’ll know a lot more about after this week.

Georgia (4-1 SEC; 7-1 overall). Given the injuries, Mark Richt is doing as good a coaching job this year as he did in 2003. Similarly to that year, he’s riding three players to carry the team, although this time they’re on offense. If the Dawgs can survive Jacksonville, the rest of the schedule is doable - having that extra week to prepare for Georgia Tech’s offense is a big help.
On point as always. And that Casey Dick thing is interesting.


Nick said...

Their offense is scary good. If we tackle (or rather not tackle) the way we did Saturday, they will score 40 points against us. Now I think we can score 40 too, so who knows what will happen. All I know is I am scared. Then again we do have Knowshon...

Anonymous said...

"Their offense is scary good"...