Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Herschel in NYC, selling cupcakes

There's something that's just so right about calling the NYC chapter of the Georgia Alumni Association to get pictures of The Goal Line Stalker selling cupcakes on 46th Street, and having them arrive within the hour.

Many thanks to Association President Sara Simmons and NYC Bulldog Kerri Waggoner. All images provided by Ms. Waggoner. And thanks to Georgia Sports Blog for the heads up.

That's 100 kinds of awesome. Note the reflection of "Broadway" in the bus window.

The cupcakes in question. Unconfirmed reports have them "slightly overcooked, but worth it for charity (and Herschel)."

Ivanka Trump: Clearly in love. And possibly thinking "Georgia really could have used you at linebacker against Alabama."


Seventh Year Senior said...
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Seventh Year Senior said...

I wonder if Fulmer was aware of this sale.