Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Lucid Idiocy

I'm reading Slash's autobiography right now. And this story about Axl Rose, from back before Guns n' Roses hit it big, is fantastic.

Apparently Axl was staying with Slash, who lived with his mother and grandmother. And the grandmother comes into the living room to watch T.V., but Axl is sleeping on the couch. She asks him to get up and sleep in Slash's room, and he does, but he also tells her to "---- off."

So later on Slash is driving them both to band practice, and he asks Axl to apologize to his grandmother. Writes Slash:
Axl stared out the window as I spoke, then he started rocking back and forth in the passenger seat. We were driving down Santa Monica Boulevard, doing about forty miles an hour, when suddenly, he opened the car door and jumped out without a word. He stumbled, kind of hopped, and made it onto the sidewalk without falling. he steadied himself, then took off down a side street without looking back.

I was shocked; I did a U-turn and drove around in vain, looking for him for an hour. He didn't show up back at my hosue that night and he didn't come to rehearsal for four days. On the fifth day he appeared at the studio as if nothing had happened.
I'm pretty sure it gets way more ridiculous from there. I recommend it.

In unrelated news, I have no idea where this little magazine came from, but it showed up in the office today:

Wonder what the next issue will be about.

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