Sunday, October 19, 2008

Knowshon watch

Knowshon Moreno broke the 2,000 yards rushing mark Saturday with a relatively quiet (meaning he only hurdled one guy, and that guy wasn't standing up) 172 yards.

He's got 2,096 for his career now, putting him 9th in school history. He's ahead of Tim Worley (2,038) and behind Willie McClendon (2,228).

He has appeared in 20 games, giving him an average of 105 yards rushing per game.

If you use just this season, taking out last year when he split time with Thomas Brown (2,573, No. 6 all-time), Knowshon's average rises to 109 yards a game.

If you assume he stays for his junior year, doesn't get injured, keeps the 105 ypg average, and the Dawgs go to two more bowl games and 1 SEC title game, that projects to 4,196 yards for his career. That would be good for No. 2 on the list by a long shot.

Garrison Hearst has 3,232 and The Goal Line Stalker had 5,259.

I saw an old Garrison Hearst game on T.V. the other day. It reminded me: That guy was the man. But No. 2 on the list with a 1,000 yard advantage... that would pretty much end the argument about where Knowshon belongs in the rankings of great Georgia running backs.

He would also be above Garrison's career average of 97.9 yards a game. Herschel averaged 159.4. That is simply inhuman.

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