Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful that we own you. And for Munson.

I've enjoyed a lot of tech games over the years. They're usually good games, and we almost always come out winners, even when they cheat.

But there are two favorites. The first is the 51-7 beating in 2002 at Sanford Stadium. It capped a wondrous season, and that's the most fun I've had at Sanford outside of the Blackout last year vs. Auburn.

This is the other one:

What I've always remembered was one of Munson's great closers from that game: "Our heart, that was torn out and bleeding, we picked it up and we stuck it back inside."

But at one point Larry also says:
"It could not have happened. And it ain't over yet. Scott Howard don't you say anything. You don't say anything here. You're the one that got us into all this trouble. ... Last play of the game, I think. Five seconds. What if the clock's been wrong all this time?"
God bless you, Larry Munson. You're at least as insane as me, but you're a whole lot better at it.

UPDATE: I'm planning on a separate reminder post, but might as well remind you here that Munson will honored between the first and second quarters of Saturday's game. It will be his first time on the field at Sanford Stadium during a game, according to The AJC.

Exactly where on the field, I don't know. My buddy Joe says they should stop the whole thing and do it on the 50 yard line. Munson, he said, is the face of Georgia football.

"It's the Ugas, and then him, and then everybody else," he said.

In a world that includes Herschel and Dooley, that's saying one hell of a lot. It's also the truth.


Anonymous said...

I think that last clip is from 97, right? The image of a ripped out bleeding heart beating on the ground only to be put back in is great. That 97 team was a special team with both heart and talent. I often look back on that team with fondness; it was the first 10-win UGA team that I remember.

What might a great coach have done with such a team?


whatwhatsthescene said...

NOTHING has rocked like this one, lol!