Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Muschamp, Hoop Dawgs, Crazy Pirate, Sapp, 2009

Though I generally think "Head Coach In Waiting" deals are weird, congratulations to Will Muschamp (91-94, defensive co-captain) on his new deal at Texas.

I hope this doesn't affect my plan to have him replace Coach Richt in 20 years, after Richt's 10th National Title. Of course, Georgia tech won't be on our schedule anymore, having dismantled their football program and apologized to the state...
Hoop Dawgs go down to Loyola-Chicago by 21 points? Really? C'mon!
Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach is talking about a 64-team college football playoff.

That't not going to happen. I don't want it to happen. But think, just for a minute, how awesome that would be to do just once... maybe in lieu of a regular season...
I was focused on the the drought as a reason to dislike tech in the last post, instead of focusing on the drought breaker. I would like to note that Theron Sapp, like my father, went to Lanier High School in Macon. From The Georgia Trend article:
In his first scrimmage, he drove into the defensive team's thickest part of the middle and was knocked head over heels in a major pileup, suffering three cracked vertebrae in his neck. His surgeon told him he should never play football again, that even a slight blow to the wrong place could be fatal.

Coaches Butts and Quenton Lumpkin came to the hospital and told Sapp he had his scholarship no matter what. He spent his entire freshman year at Georgia in a head-pelvis body cast. Coach Butts told him he should not play football again but Sapp convinced his mentor otherwise. He spent his sophomore year on the B team and his junior and senior years on the varsity, bulling his way up the middle 258 times, right smack in the thick of things.
Hell, yes, Geno and Asher say they're coming back for their senior seasons. Not unexpected, but absolutely huge.

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Nick said...

If the Loyola-Chicago thing wasn't weird enough, then how about the almost loss to Eastern Michigan yesterday. Man this team doesn't seem like the one that ended the year last year. We are missing our best player, but come on!