Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remember why we hate them

One of the things I love about College Football: It's absolutely acceptable to hold grudges about things that happened 25 years before you were born.

Sen. Blutarsky, linking to Georgia Trend, provides today's reason to dislike Georgia tech and remember the old gridiron heroes.

Just think about this line for a second:
Fourth and goal was a gutsy call for a team that hadn’t scored a touchdown in four years.
Then realize that ain't the half of it.
1948: Won, 21-13, Athens
1949: Lost, 6-7, Atlanta
1950: Lost, 0-7, Athens
1951: Lost, 6-48, Atlanta
1952: Lost, 9-23, Athens
1953: Lost, 12-28, Atlanta
1954: Lost, 3-7, Athens
1955: Lost, 3-21, Atlanta
1956: Lost, 0-35, Athens
1957: Won, 7-0, Atlanta
That, my friends, is the longest winning or losing streak in the history of the Georgia / Georgia tech series. Unless we beat them Nov. 29. Then it will be tied for first. Then, in 2009, that record can fall.

Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Nov. 29

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Charles said...

I know that there may seem to be to many Bowls but you have to look at it from another perspective. Community groups are looking for ways to raise money for very deserving charities and this is a good way of doing it. Also chambers of commerce are looking for oppurtunities for showing off their community. So,if they can find 2 teams that qualify let the city have it's fun.