Thursday, February 12, 2009

Georgia football: Not gonna phone it in for 2009

Part of me thinks, "Good." And part of me wants to punch 2008 in the face. From David Hale:
It's been a common refrain in Georgia's locker room this offseason, but everyone seems to agree the team is working a lot harder than it did a year ago. Cox said the new focus has been obvious during seven-on-seven drills, when even the young players have stepped up to show their skills.
Not just harder. A lot harder.

Follow me, everyone. Let's go make an effort.


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Anonymous said...

I'd feel a lot better about it, if our tailbacks were slightly more proven at blocking, taking the ball down field and holding on to the football.

17 Wins and 17 Losses against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in the Coach Richt 8-Year Era is not bad, but it is not Elite either.

We have not run the football successfully in the games against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams we have Lost to in the 8 Years of the Coach Richt Era. Take last season for example. We Lost to Alabama, Georgia Tech and Florida and handed the football to Knowshon Moreno a grand total of 13 times all 3 games. Thus, we were 1 Win and 3 Losses against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams last season.

Point 2. We missed 9 Field Goals last season, Kicked-Off 9 times out of bounds last season, and have not had a successful season ever at Returning Kick-Offs in the 8-Year Coach Richt Era.

Point 3. We were Number 72 in the nation at sacking quarterbacks last season. We need to sign yet one more bookend type Defensive End in the up-coming days somewhere somehow.

Point 4. We had not 1 Tight End on the Roster last season who caught more than 5 Passes for the season.

Therefore, I am not real big on hearing how great we are right now, or how hard we are trying, or how great we did in recruiting again.

What I want is to run the football against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams, get the ball consistently to our Tight Ends, move someone from somewhere who can actually sack a quarterback, quit kicking the ball off out of bounds, make our field goals and prove we can return a kickoff one time all season long.

We have a lot of issues.

Working hard is not going to fix them all. We need to work on our coaching in these 4 areas of supreme weakness.

Oh, and I would like since this is Year Twenty (20) and we have Won exactly 3 times against SEC East Division foe Florida, for us to quit with the excuses about that too, and actually do something. You know ? Like have 4 wins in 20 years against Florida.