Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This just in: The Hoop Dawgs are not good

I knew the Dawgs were playing Tenneesee tonight. But it never occurred to me to watch.

Judging by the AP byline and Tennessee-centric lead on The AJC's story, neither did they.

Welcome to Sucktown, population us. There's an opening if you'd like to be mayor.
NICK: they're getting beat 51-27. Does basketball have a mercy rule?

ME: I had mercy on myself and didn't watch.

NICK: You're smarter than me. We gotta win at least one game in the conference though, right?

ME: Do we play ourselves?

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whatwhatsthescene said...


yikes. i can see why the ajc wouldn't bother paying a reporter to cover the game.

can both GT & UGA just forfeit the rest of the reason and get a head start on next year?