Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alumni flag football game Saturday: Here are the players

The University has set up a flag football game for former Bulldog players, starting at 11:15 a.m. Saturday before the spring game.

The communications staff at Butts-Mehre was kind enough to email a list of the players.

The teams are named "Mack" and "Jack" after coaches Mack Guest and Jack Davis (not the artist), according to Mike Mobley in the communications department. Both are letter winners who live in Athens, Mobley said.


Sanford Stadium opens at 10:30 a.m. Bring canned goods.

JACK Arnold Amp WR 1977-80 82
JACK Bailey Derrick DL 1991 98
JACK Bailey Kenneth RB 2000-2003 15
JACK Bailey Ron
JACK Beall Jeremiah DB/ WR 1997 49
JACK Beasley Rusty DB 1985-88 20
JACK Callaway Tim DG, DT, DE 1967-68-69 69
JACK Camp Drew WR/DB 1998 95
JACK Clemens Foots LB 1952-54 45
JACK Cushenberry Tony OL/ LB 1954-56 61
JACK Davis Jack OL 1965-66 53
JACK Gilbert Freddie
JACK Goodman Adrian LB 1995-98 37
JACK Horton Dwight DE 1957 84
JACK Huggins Ronnie LB 1967-69 43
JACK Jackson Al CB 1989-92 2
JACK Jones Burt WR, FS 1999-2002 29
JACK Junior Charles WR/TE 1980-82 80
JACK Krauth Charles WR, DB 2006 48
JACK Lady Chris OL 2004 65
JACK Lokey Tom TRAINER 1967-68 13
JACK Lyles Justin DL 2007 71
JACK McCormick Matt LB 1988-89 49
JACK McCullough Jim HEART SURGERY 1967-69 36
JACK McGill Curt OL/TE 1998-2001 54
JACK McKnight David LB 1972-74 96
JACK Milam Ed Safety
JACK Miller Brandon DL 1995-99 51
JACK Montgomery Bill RB, WR, QB 1991-94 13
JACK Mosteller Pud OL 1953-56 70
JACK Mull Curt OL 1987-89 50
JACK Roberson Terry DL 1987 73
JACK Sam David MANAGER 1977-79 39
JACK Saye Bill OL 1953-55 59
JACK Schnetzer Ryan 2003-05 52
JACK Sills Bruce 1997-98 56
JACK Smith Vernon OL 1972-74 59
JACK Tanner Russ 2002-05
JACK Towns Kirby WR 2000-02 38
JACK Veal Ken DE, TE 2000-03 96
JACK Watt Josh TE 1975 85
JACK Wilson Christopher WR/DB 1989-92 88
MACK Adams Scott OL 1985-88 75
MACK Anderson Shelly WR 1987-88 61
MACK Brown Larry DL 1984-87 72
MACK Brown Michael DB 1985-87 49
MACK Burroughs Mack OL 1984-87 69
MACK Christianson David WR 1972, 74 81
MACK Cole Virgil DL 1988-89 98
MACK Colley Will 1987-89
MACK Comfort Joe QB, DB 1955-57 18
MACK Conn Dick WR/QB/DB 1971-73 22
MACK Curry Kentrell DB 2000-03 4
MACK Dooley Daniel
MACK Frix Mitch WR 1981-82 54
MACK Goodwin Robert DE, TE 1977-79 99
MACK Guest Jud MANAGER 1980-81-82-83
MACK Guest Mack OL 1976-78 75
MACK Harris Keith LB 1971-74 45
MACK Harris Derrick QB 1988 2
MACK Helms Ken OL 1974-76 53
MACK Hester Joey QB/P 1986-89 1
MACK Hickey Jim TE, DE 1986-87 90
MACK Honeycutt Robert FB 1970-72 44
MACK Hooten Jake OL/DL/TE 2004 63
MACK Johnson Andy
MACK Jones Spike
MACK Koehler Bill OL/DL 2004 68
MACK Leusenring Dan OL 1980 53
MACK McCullough Bill K 1962-63 85
MACK O'Leary Bill 1984-85 33
MACK Osbolt Terry DL 1966-68 94
MACK Pascale D.J. OL 1977 79
MACK Reider Ric QB, DL 1973-74 58
MACK Ridlehuber Preston QB 1963-65 12
MACK Rivas Sean DB/ WR 2003 27
MACK Smaha Jiggy LB 1967 50
MACK Smith John WR 1972 8
MACK Snellings Paul 1994-98 96
MACK Stephens Kim 1984-87
MACK Story Al QB, WR, DB 1991 17
MACK Tanner Jody MANAGER 1980, 81,82,83
MACK Tarrer Harold LB 1965-69 55
MACK Vollrath Tyger WR 1992 83
MACK Waters Gregory DE 1983-84-85 59
MACK Weeks David OL 1992-95 55
MACK Wilson Buck DE, DB 1957 16
Poss Bobby ANNOUNCER 1969-71
Due to blog policy on defensive linemen, Lucid Idiocy is most excited about seeing Freddie Gilbert in action.


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