Friday, April 3, 2009

Mark Fox: Georgia tie, good resume, right attitude.

You know how, before spring practice began, we were all a little excited about Joe Cox taking over at quarterback because he was "saying all the right things?"

Enter Mark Fox, per The Macon Telegraph:
"I can remember a conversation with a search firm a few years ago and I declined a chance to pursue a job," Fox said. "The gentleman asked why, and I said, 'It's not like it's Georgia."
And this is from Damon Evans, answering a question that probably began "Mark Fox? Who the hell is that?"
"We made a commitment that we were going to go through this and not rush to judgment on any particular candidate until we went through the entire process," Evans said. "Once we finished that process, Mark just stuck in my mind, and sometimes you just go with that gut feeling."
Good enough for me. Now go recruit Atlanta.

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Nick said...

Lets hope you are right. I still think we overpaid though!