Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'd like to make a Tebow joke here, but I'm afraid of him.

A bit of Dreams in 2009, at The Beacon Theater.

Holy crap there is a lot of youtube from that concert. Which included Eric Clapton.

Why Does Love Gotta Be So Sad. Two minute mark. Two minute mark.

My buddy Mike: I'm glad Barack Obama won, but I'm beginning to wonder if he's a dumbass.

Also Mike: I wish they'd take the phrase "tough choices" out of the human language.

It's like I'm sitting here playing cards with my brother's kids
From The Science Times:
The United States has no clear military policy about how the nation might respond to a cyberattack on its communications, financial or power networks, a panel of scientists and policy advisers warned Wednesday, and the country needs to clarify both its offensive capabilities and how it would respond to such attacks.

The report, based on a three-year study by a panel assembled by the National Academy of Sciences, is the first major effort to look at the military use of computer technologies as weapons. The potential use of such technologies offensively has been widely discussed in recent years, and disruptions of communications systems and Web sites have become a standard occurrence in both political and military conflicts since 2000.
Trouble a-brewin.

The new Transformers movie's new trailer... That thing does not suck.


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