Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where Bulldog greats went in the draft

I'm pretty freaking excited for Matt Stafford.

2009: Matthew Stafford, 1st round, 1st pick overall, Detroit Lions
2009: Knowshon Moreno, 1st/12th, Denver Broncos
2009: Mohamed Massaquoi, 2nd/50th, Cleveland Browns

Bigger whammy: Stafford to Detroit with up to $78 million or Massaquoi to Cleveland?

From the Georgia Football Media Guide:

2008: Thomas Brown, 6th/172nd, Atlanta Falcons
2007: Charles Johnson, 3rd/83rd, Carolina Panthers
2006: Max Jean-Gilles, 4th/99th, Philadelphia Eagles
2006: D.J. Shockley, 7th, 223rd, Atlanta Falcons

2005: Thomas Davis, 1st/14th, Carolina Panthers
2005: David Pollack, 1st, 17th, Cincinnati Bengals
2005: Odell Thurman, 2nd, 48th, Cincinnati Bengals
2004: Sean Jones, 2nd round, Cleveland Browns
2004: Ben Watson, 1st/32nd, New England Patriots
2003: Tony Gilbert, 6th round, Arizona Cardinals
2003: Boss Bailey, 2nd round, Detroit Lions
2002: Randy McMichael, 4th/114/th, Miami Dolphins
2001: Marcus Stroud, 1st/13th, Jacksonville Jaguars
2001: Richard Seymour, 1st/6th, New England Patriots
1998: Robert Edwards, 1st round, New Englan Patriots
1996: Randall Godfrey, 2nd round, Dallas Cowboys
1996: Brice Hunter, 7th round, Miami Dolphins
1995: Terrell Davis, 6th round, Denver Broncos

1995: Eric Zeier, 3rd round, Cleveland Browns
1993: Garrison Hearst, 1st/3rd, Arizona Cardinals

1989: Richard Tardits, 5th round, Arizona Cardinals
1985: Kevin Butler, 4th round, Chicago Bears
1983: Jimmy Payne, 4th round, Buffalo Bills
1981 Scott Woerner, 3rd round, Atlanta Falcons
1980: Rex Robinson, 6th round, Cincinnati Bengals

1979: Willie McClendon, 3rd round, Chicago Bears
1970: Jake Scott, 7th round, Miami Dolphins
1969: Bill Stanfill, 1st round, Miami Dolphins
1961: Frank Tarkenton, 3rd round, Minnesota Vikings
1961: Pat Dye, 5th round, New England Patriots
1960: Charley Britt, 3rd round, L.A. Rams

1943: Frank Sinkwich, 1st/9th, Detroit Lions

Man, this list is getting long. I have to take a break and listen to Steve Young talk about how great Mark Sanchez is.


Nick said...

Mark Sanchez will cure cancer.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Apparently Mark Sanchez played in a "pro style" offense in College.