Monday, September 7, 2009

0-1, I feel dumb

"It's not like we just had a terrible game and this is it, this is how we're gonna be the whole year."
- Joe Cox, in The ABHDN

It's funny how quickly things change. Just last week I felt a little bit of magic in the air. Now I feel dumb and gullible. I feel like I'm back in 2008, except this year we tackle better and lose more.

I recognize this may not be fair after one game. But having seen the product on the field I have a hard time judging on potential.

My hat is off to Oklahoma State, whom I clearly under-estimated. The game was winnable for us and turned on the sum of a lot of little things, as football games usually do.

To the team: I hope some of you guys can play better than that, or like getting embarrassed.

To Coach Richt: Why can't you fix the kickoffs?

To the refs: That was not an illegal hit. They did not get that first down. I hate you.

I can't believe Trinton Sturdivant is out for a year again. What a test the Lord has put before him.

I don't understand our offense. I'm down on Joe Cox. If you offered me 7-5 right now, I might take it. If you came with 8-4 you'd lose a finger.

I think Oklahoma State is a good team. I'd like to see what happens when Joe Cox hasn't had the flu before a game, and I'd like to see our luck change.

Still, I'll tell you the question that really bothers me, the one I'm not sure I want an answer to.

Why is Alabama so much better than us?


MoggsDawg said...

Now that I think about it, I would actually give up one of my fingers.
But not an important one....maybe that second pinky-nub on my left hand

Keich said...

I love your preseason optimism, bud.

I could have told you Cox would have a stinker, flu or not. The last time he played, he was benched (remember). For the life of me, I hope I am wrong, but he may be the worst QB we have had in a decade.

As for the loss, take heart. Ok. State was SUPPOSED to win. And our defense chewed up their vaunted, so-called high-powered offense. Take two dubious calls that extended drives, one of which you already mentioned, and it's what? A 10-10 game?

If we can generate some points, we will be okay. But that's a big if.