Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I don't understand

I find myself unable to get over my anger following the Oklahoma State loss, which is new and disturbing territory for me. It's entirely possible I'm completely ridiculous.

If Caleb King was able to practice with "no limitations" on Sunday, why couldn't he be in Stillwater on Saturday?

If Logan Gray was shifty enough to return punts last year, how is Branden Smith the better option in the "Wildcat Formation" our coaches seem to have discovered approximately 3 years after it was popularized?

Can Branden Smith throw the football, or is the plan just to have him go that way, really fast, and if something gets in his way, turn? Because any snaps that could go to a backup quarterback right about now are pretty key snaps.

I agree with the senator wholeheartedly: What, indeed?

Coach Richt has coached two Heisman Trophy winners, the NCAA's all-time winningest quarterback and the most recent No. 1 NFL draft choice. Can someone explain to me why this man would ever find himself starting Joe Tereshinski III in a major college football game?

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MoggsDawg said...

Exactly. This was the culmination of an off season where the star of the team....IS the team. What the heck has been going on since the CapOne bowl??? And pre-season?
I can't shake the looming feeling of a long season and I've never been one to worry too terribly much about the future of the Dawgs(at least for the past 9 seasons)