Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joe Cox and the offensive line will play better

This is my new logic, which allows optimism.

Also, our defense will cause turnovers against South Carolina. Stephen Garcia is not a good quarterback.
ME: I mean, Joe Cox has got to be better than that, right? Because the coaches have been watching him for four years, and they put him out there. Plus, in Searels we trust, right?

JOE: Yeah, but still. If that crowd gets bored and drunk and the offense goes three-and-out, you're going to hear some boos.

ME: Especially if the call on 3rd and four is Joe Cox right for a gain of one. You think Spurrier smells blood in the water?

JOE: I forgot he even coaches that team.
1996 was the last time we started a season 0-2. I believe that's also the last time we dropped a season opener.

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