Sunday, September 13, 2009

1-1, 1-0 in the SEC. Excitement.

What a game. What an absolute hell of a game in Sanford Stadium.

From my friend Ryan Mohs, who made his first return to Sanford Stadium in 12 years:
"I was gritting it out in the end. I was thinking, 'we could really lose this game.' But then Spurrier was crying in his milk."

Image: Grant Blankenship, The Telegraph. Gallery here (scroll).
ME: A.J. Green is Batman.

JOE: In Batman's dreams.
Dear Coaches: Thank you very, very, very much for kicking off deeper. Like Apollo said in Rocky III, it takes a real man to change. Now, please run the ball more.

p.s. You have proven Joe Cox can shoulder the load in an SEC win. You do not have to keep trying to prove this the rest of the year.

I liked the way Richard Samuel ran. He could be coming into his own, discovering his game as a running back.

I got no problems with the way the defense played. That short passing game has always been the hole we leave, but if you can make goal line stands consistently that's OK, and we can. The defense plays with heart, the refs are afraid of Reshad Jones and I think we've just about developed a good pass rush.

Biggest play in a big-play game? DeAngelo Tyson blocking that extra point.

Gameday text message: CMR just asked the ESPN reporter who blocked that PAT. "Do you know who that was? That was tremendous."

South Carolina's 3rd down conversion rate? Six of 17, or 35 percent.

Branden Smith sleeps in Brandon Boykin pajamas. From Georgia Sports Blog:
"It appears that any time Smith touches the ball, he is steadfastly attempting to break the sound barrier on the way to the end zone. ... If he is in there when the ball is kicked into the end zone, Chapas should tackle him."
Finally, I have no idea whether we're a good team. I'm inclined to say Yeah, we're not bad. We've sure got some speed.


Anonymous said...

Houston - 45
Oklahoma State - 35

Joy said...

So did/does he live in Australia? Or were you guys just in Australia? I love him with a beard! Funny, I was just talking about him on Saturday night. Did you know that I'm psycho... I mean Psychic?

Lucid Idiocy said...

We just visited Australia. Great trip. He lives in Savannah.

Joy said...

I lived in Savannah from 2001-2005 - great place to live. I miss it terribly.