Monday, September 14, 2009

Joe on the S.C. game: We were erratic

Lucid Idiocy lead football analyst Joe Petersen's thoughts on the weekend that was for UGA and the rest of the college football world.

We are just very erratic. That's the word my dad used.

Steve Spurrier looked like he did not want to be a football coach anymore.

Tennessee losing, that's awesome. Notre Dame losing, also awesome.

Next week I think you find out whether Lane Kiffin is flammable. What's your over under on Tebow touchdowns? Seven?

The Norm Chow / Monte Kiffin question was answered. They both suck.

Orson Charles just looks incredible to me. I really liked how Richard Samuel ran the ball.

Word up.

ESPN showed Ben Jones and Joe Cox jawing at each other. You could read Ben Jones' lips and it just looked like he was saying, "---- you, you're wrong." After that, Joe Cox was the one who was wrong.

The horse collar on Reshad Jones was a good call.

We definitely had a few instances of poor tackling. There were definitely some plays that made you cringe.

My additions to this:
Norm Chow and Monte Kiffin do not necessarily suck. Blair Walsh is quietly becoming a trusted weapon. I'm concerned about Auburn apparently not sucking. It's not clear to me whether Arkansas is better than South Carolina, or worse.

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Nick said...

1. Didn't look like a horse collar to me.
2. I think Arkansas will have a better offense, but worse defense.

But as always my analysis cannot compare to Joe's...