Monday, October 12, 2009

118th in turnover margin, No. 1 in your heart

Our 97 rushing yards per game are significantly less than our national ranking in turnover margin, which is 118th.

We're also 118th in penalties.

A couple of weeks ago Dan joked that Coach Richt should whip up some red JELL-O the way Jim Donnan did a few years back against Kentucky.

That joke's not funny any more.

I used to think the football team had more problems than I could easily count. But now I'm afraid we only have one problem, and everything else is a visible shoot from the same buried root.

I don't like the obvious conclusions this line of thinking leads to. I do agree with Dawgs Online, which I always look to for reasoned analysis:
If the start to this season has made any difference in the way fans view the program, it’s that their dissatisfaction can no longer be put on a specific area or assistant. There is a program problem now, and it’s Richt’s problem to address.
And I agree with Paul Westerdawg:
The good news (is) all of this is fixable. And all of it is fixable by Mark Richt. ...

But not without introducing new personalities into the mix. Something will have to change on that front, and Richt will have to make moves in the off season to address the issues.
The question is, will Coach Richt see it that way?

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