Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hale: Why has Georgia struggled?

It is the editorial position of this blog that David Hale is the best Bulldog beat writer, and it's not because we both work for The Macon Telegraph. The editorial board voted, and it was unanimous.

His piece today is just chock full of honesty:
ATHENS — There are nearly two-dozen first- or second-year players seeing significant action for Georgia this season, but none of them threw a ball up for grabs to avoid a sack Saturday against Tennessee. That was senior quarterback Joe Cox, who threw a killer second-half interception.

None of them fielded a punt at their own 1-yard line Saturday. That was senior Prince Miller.
It gets worse from there, partly because Bryan Evans is discussed.
As for Hale's coverage plan the rest of the season, it's a good one:
I don't think I need to take the time to put into perspective just how far Georgia has or has not fallen with respect to its chief rivals. You'll see plenty of columnists, like Bradley, do that this week and in the weeks to come. It's not my place.

What I am interested in are these questions: Why has Georgia struggled, what are the players going to do about it and what changes will the coaches be making -- or more to the point, should they be making -- in the weeks to come.

No one is getting fired tomorrow. Georgia can't go sign a few free agents to help the defense. There's not much point in debating any of that until there is actually something to be debated.

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