Monday, November 2, 2009

Richt sticks with Cox. Is he sticking a fork in 2010?

Coach Richt says Joe Cox will remain the team's starting quarterback, according to Marc Weiszer at The Banner-Herald:
"It was unanimous among our staff that Joe gives us the best chance to win and that's where our focus needs to be," Richt said in a statement. "There's still a lot of football left this season. We tell our players to finish the drill and we are committed to doing that this week and each week the remainder of the season. We have faith in Joe that he gives us the best opportunity to do that. At the same time, we do plan on Logan Gray getting some playing time this week at quarterback."
That is incredibly disheartening. No one wants to give up on a season. The 2009 senior class deserves the team's best efforts to win. But so does the 2010 senior class. And the 2011.

If Joe Cox and Logan Gray are unanimously thought more viable than Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger, and so much so that neither of the freshmen merits playing time at the end of a disintegrated season, we are truly in the kind of trouble that lasts for years.

How have we failed to recruit better quarterback play than what we've seen on the field this year?

By the way, A.J. Green, who deserves to have someone competent throw him passes, is injured and will sit out Saturday against Tennessee Tech, according to The AJC.


Anonymous said...

I took a poll of a room full of clueless buffoons and we reached a unanimous decision.

Moggs said...

Yes, stick a fork in it and let's save Murray's 5th year- I'd rather have the chance at 4 years of him growing and throwing than to spend a year of his time cutting his teeth on UK, AUB, & GT. The only two goals (at least) should be bowl eligibility and ruining GT's season.
After all, what's left?

Lucid Idiocy said...

Planning for 5 years from now when the house is on fire: Priceless.

Moggs said...

I don't consider losing his redshirt to be putting any fires out this year. The house is already burnt. For example, what could it mean other than some game experience for him? Would we have a better chance to jump to the Music City at 7-5 from Shreveport at 6-6? I won't care about either come January. Priceless to me means (hopefully) having a phenom until 2014. Besides, maybe Murray can learn from other people's mistakes now:)

Lucid Idiocy said...

I'm not sure a lot of phenoms sit on the bench while Joe Cox plays.