Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time to start thinking about next season, part 2

"I can't believe the black helmets weren't more effective."
- Dan Starnes, l.i. bureau of analysis chief.

I should probably be more upset about the black helmets and pants. But I can't say that I am. At least that was a reasonable football game, aside from all our first quarter penalties and shenanigans.

We played a really good football team that may have played it's most complete game of the season against us. That it got out of hand should be absolutely no surprise
Dan: We have really gone back.

Me: It's amazing how fast it happened, isn't it?
The time to beat Florida is in the off season, on the recruiting trail and through team preparation. I will assume this coaching staff knows that, but absent enough of it, went for the black pants and helmets any way. And I'm not sure it's a hindrance, except for the heat Richt knows he will take.

We didn't really deserve to be competitive with Florida, and we weren't. Even their punter might be better than ours.

With a running game, the offensive play calling certainly looked better. But Joe Cox still isn't the answer. You hate to judge poor Logan Gray based on the end of that Florida game, but he doesn't look like an answer, either. I say bring on Aaron Murray against Tenn. Tech, let's see what we're looking at here.

"I've never played a down of football in my life, but I think that maybe a short and intermediate passing game might be really effective against Georgia."
- Starnes

Tim Tebow is a class act and one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Florida is one hell of a football team.

I was hoping that would go like Rocky IV, where Rocky beats the invincible Russian. Instead it went like Rocky IV, where the Russian kills Apollo Creed.
- Me

Remember how happy Coach Richt made people when he all but promised to always wear silver pants? He's losing people, and this stunt doesn't help. From a Red & Black history piece:
The thought of substituting the silver for red or even black pants now, like Dooley experimented with in the '80s, does not sit well with players and coaches.

"That's one thing I've told the guys, we're 'silver britches,'" head coach Mark Richt said.
Oh, well.

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Brett said...

"If every instinct I have is wrong then the opposite must be right!" - George Constanza

We wore black pants.
You're getting laid (with a girl).
I got engaged.

It's ok George, the opposite didn't work for us either.