Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hire Foley's apprentice, bring balance to the conference

Me: The Georgia graduate who's been training at the foot of the master? Assuming Mark Richt's OK with him, I think we should get that guy.

Joe: Let's call him Annakin.

This Damon Evans situation needs to end with an upgrade. I look forward to watching Greg McGarity choke people with his mind.

President Adams has a press conference today at 2 p.m. I'm assuming Fox 5 Atlanta, which streamed Evans' press conference last week, will do the same for Adams.

Update: I watched most of President Adams' presser. Some key points:
  • Damon resigned, but it was "after he and I had a meeting on Friday."
  • There is no timetable to hire a new AD, but Adams quipped that he'd "like to have it concluded today." He noted that "anyone that you want already has a good job and so you have to work with someone else's schedule as well as your own."
  • "The first look (for a new AD) is outside," but that doesn't mean Adams won't promote from within. Still, he said, "I want an outside opinion to take a hard look at what we're doing."
  • Adams is meeting with coaches and senior staffers today at 4 p.m. He hasn't talked to Coach Richt yet.
  • Said he had "not had any reason to question (Damon's) judgement" prior to this incident.
  • Said he didn't "know of any material facts other than the ones that have been reported" in this case.

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