Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Bulldog anthem out from J. Skeezy, Fresh

H.E.R. Hip-Hop, which has its roots in the University of Georgia's music business program may be bringing a new song to Sanford Stadium in 2010.

From the company's site:
We debuted the track yesterday and now we get the news that J. Skeezy and Fresh’s Bulldog Nation is the OFFICIAL anthem of the UGA Bulldogs for the 2010 season (and beyond?). Remember, you can download the song from iTunes on August 10th. This is amazing news for Fresh, Skeezy and Team E.C.S.T.A.C.Y.! Congrats guys, you’ve been on your grind! You deserve it!
UPDATE: Uh-oh. The word official, and the statement above, are gone on the company's site, replaced with this:
As both current and former students of the University of Georgia, H.E.R Hip-Hop is proud to present you with the Dawgs unoffical 2010 anthem. Skeezy and Fresh go in on this one, making us proud to be Bulldogs. Listen to the track below and make sure to show your support by purchasing the song on iTunes when it’s released on August 10th.
Said UGA Athletic Dept. Spokesman and Associate Director Claude Felton: "While the song may be used during the 2010 season on occasion, it is not the official song of the Georgia Bulldogs.”

No worries, guys. The song's still playing on And it's significantly cooler than this.

You can also listen to the song here:

We'll see where this goes. It's catchy, but I don't know that we should be rapping "who cares about the Crimson Tide." And I can't quite catch what it says about Florida, but if I'm right in hearing "slaughter you gators ..." well, no one tell Urban Meyer we said that, OK?

Note: L.I. Athens Bureau Chief Brian Huff, a music business student himself, called our attention to this.

Note: This post edited to conform with new information.

Update: GSB has gotten word that the highlight video associated with the song will be played after the third quarter at Sanford.


Moggs said...

but if I'm right in hearing "slaughter you gators ..." well, no one tell Urban Meyer we said that, OK?

What? Are you scared?

Lucid Idiocy said...


bnwdog said...

I can hear the comparisons to the GTG's already (i think thats what it was?). At least it's not two fair skinned nerds!

j.leonardjr said...

I guess I am getting old.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Whoa! Hold on there. Let's not declare this a JB replacement player just yet. I've sat in front of a mixer on occasion.... color this scattered and smothered. While the "fair-skinned" nerds from that vo-tech skool are not in our play list ....still their camera work was ok. Show me the money... these guys wanna bring it... make sure they have the go ahead from, well UGA. Works for me. I hate to be the buzz kill. Love the Athens Music Business angle... just didn't get it yet.
just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys should concentrate on not sucking this year. You know the black uniforms and helmets didn't work, maybe a new song will. Yeah, that should do it.

Enjoy 3rd place in the East, again.

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