Thursday, July 29, 2010

Portraits in Bulldog Awesome: The Music Business

This is follow up information on the post below. But I didn't see any way it wasn't it's own post.

Below is Nick Thompson, rising University of Georgia Senior and one of guys behind H.E.R. Hip Hop.

I think he's majoring in "being Cool Hand Luke." (2:48 mark.)

Says Athens Bureau Chief Brian Huff, who is in Mr. Thompson's business fraternity:
In addition to producing videos for country stars in Nashville this summer and helping launch/run a small business, H.E.R. Hip Hop, Nick plays bass guitar with The Wales, a hip hop/rock/reggae band in Athens, GA. I wish I would've had my shit together like that at 21 years old.
Huff also notes that "Fresh" from this new "Bulldog Nation" song is the lead singer for The Wales.

Note: With rare exceptions, we don't publish pictures of girls in their bikinis here, and particularly not without the girls permission. But the swimwear attire these ladies selected is both understated and classical.

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