Monday, August 16, 2010

Of bangs and whimpers

A couple of stories today that remind me, no matter how much we learn, we never know what we don't know, or how our actions will change things.

From The New York Times:
Growing scientific evidence suggests that felt, which helps anglers stay upright on slick rocks, is also a vehicle for noxious microorganisms that hitchhike to new places and disrupt freshwater ecosystems.
And, presumably far more disturbing, from The Raleigh News & Observer:
"We're seeing a transition from MRSA being an infection largely of chronically ill and hospitalized patients, to one of healthy children," said Dr. Mark Piehl, medical director of WakeMed Children's Hospital. "There's no question that the bacteria is more prevalent in the community now."
Given that we basically created these "super bugs" through use, and likely over-use, of antibiotics, you have to wonder whether our saviors will eventually kill us. And whether there's any way to avoid that.


Anonymous said...

You can pry my felt bottom wading boots from my cold dead feet.

Anonymous said...

Physicians need to have the courage to tell patients, "You don't need an antibiotic for this likely viral condition. Come back if you see any of the following symptoms and we may add an antibiotic."
As it stands, patient says that they need an antibiotic and not wanting to ruffle feathers, the physician gives it, even though he or she knows better.

Joy said...

When I had kids, I purposely sought a pediatrician who would use antibiotics only when really necessary and would try the less invasive treatments for things before ordering an MRI or exploratory surgery. Living in Savannah, there was one. Athens = none at all. Finally here in Atlanta, we had our choice of more "holistic" doctors. Funny how that makes you holistic.

AthensHomerDawg said...

When we had kids it was hard to get the pediatrician to pay any attention to my questions at all. If she did answer one she directed the answer to my wife. After awhile I asked my wife if I might make the check ups by myself with the kids....(for awhile) and she agreed. It wasn't long until the pediatrician gave me equal standing as a parent. My point is that physicians are rushed and you have to coach em up to your needs. Athens has great medical care IMHO!