Sunday, August 15, 2010

Time short for that August optimism

There's not much time to be optimistic. You gotta optimize it.
- Joe Petersen, l.i. chief analyst

Me: Reports of a "sluggish" scrimmage ... in which Logan Gray led all receivers with 3 catches for 70 yards.

Joe: You take 3 offensive linemen out and anyone's gonna struggle. I'm not worried about Ben Jones. The D line. That's where it all starts.

Me: And in a year that we lose three strong defensive tackles, we go to a defense that really only requires one.

Joe: It's a perfect time for it, personnel wise. And a change in attitude, that's always good. We need more middle linebackers. So, Akeem Dent, unhurt yourself. Darryl Gamble, stop being so effective at outside linebacker and, Richard Samuel, learn how to tackle.

Me: Always nice to have Branden Smith back.

Joe: Yeah. How did that turn out?

Me: Completely unexplained.

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