Sunday, September 26, 2010

Richt: "We're not far off ... stay the course."

Mark Richt during today's teleconference, via Marc Weiszer's Twitter feed:
"We know what it takes to do it right, so we know we’re not far off. ... We know if we stay the course it’s going to be our best chance to get back on track in a positive way."

Me: Straight ahead, then. That should work.

Marilyn: What's he going to do? Be like, "Y'all suck. I'm going to go tell reporters."

The woman knows more about football than she lets on. I'll add that the last time Richt said something that seemed bad was the best chance to win, it probably was.

Also, Kris Durham is hurt.

Update: Check out the very bottom of EDSBS' not-really-funny-because-it's-true magazine cover this week:

It says "Proudly sponsored by the University of Georgia, where steering into the skid may save your life but won't save your football team."

Our enemies don't just know us. They know what we're going to do.


UGA69Dawg said...

You have to hand it to Mark he doesn't take any risks with his O but he has just rolled the dice that he can pull another winning streak out this year. I'm not so sure. It looks like we will lose to UF and Auburn for sure. We will probably lose to KY and GT. I would not be surprised if we went 6-6. If we do Mark gets the AD kiss of death the "Vote of Confidence" and is fired next year if we don't have "Significant improvement".

Anonymous said...

'We're on a road to nowhere...'


Anonymous said...

They are not far off. They are close to being capable of a 7-5 or 6-6 team as opposed to the 2-10 potential they have shown thus far.


Anonymous said...

Do we have W as a coach now? We're screwed.