Saturday, October 9, 2010

17-21-2 vs. Tennessee

41-14, Georgia. Journeys begin with a step in the right direction. Here's to being .500 when we face Florida.

Though you'd be silly if you didn't say "where was that the last five weeks,"
and then disparage Tennessee.
Me: Cue the headlines: Thank you, Jill in Hoschton.
Boss Bailey:
“Boss, he pretty much called them out,” Richt said after Georgia's 41-14 rout of Tennessee. “But he did it in a way that was very compassionate. You could tell it was very obvious that he loved Georgia. It was obvious that he loved those guys. But he felt like he needed to tell them that they weren’t playing ball the way ball should be played here at Georgia."

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Anonymous said...

FL plans to fire Meyer and AL plan s to begin looking for a new HC as both teams "underperform" against inferior opponemts today. Idiots from both FL and AL cite a total lack of effort. In othe news, clueless UGA fan impersonators back off the lunacy with the rumor that things aren't so bad in Athens after all.