Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Humility returns, but will progress?

If you need a reminder, other than our record, or partial recall of the last four games, of how bad things have gotten in Bulldog Nation, there's one on full display this morning.

We are excited because our coach went on the radio and agreed with people about the obvious shortcomings we've displayed, then said he'd actually try something different to fix them.

That taking advice from "Jill in Hoschton" may, in fact, be progress fills me with nearly equal parts hope and distress.

I remember shortly after Coach Richt was hired, and we screwed up with the clock at home against Auburn. Richt took full responsibility and it was the first time in a long time I'd heard a Georgia coach say, That happened because of me, and it won't happen again.

That was progress. Sadly, though, the mea culpas returned a few years ago, with less ability to inspire confidence. And then a stubbornness seemed to creep into Coach Richt's comments - a stubbornness that some feel evaporated before last night's bulldog hotline. Repeatedly gtting your ass kicked can have that effect.

Here's Paul Westerdawg's outlook following the call-in show:
I can tell you that I'm an extreme skeptic related to the rhetoric from our coaching staff. I was incredibly encouraged. Richt sounded passionate, and he sounded sincerely humble.

For the first time this season including before the ULL game, my optimism and hope for the season is based on something other than a weak schedule and a belief that "Murray can't be worse than Cox / Grantham can't be worse than Martinez."
I think a lot of reasonable people feel that way this morning. They hope because they want to, and maybe because they need to. They want Richt to succeed. They want to have it all. The good man, the good coach and the winning program.

And they know that, as bad as things are, if we have to move Richt out and start over, things will get worse before they get better.

My hope has been kicked in the face too many times. I will be in Sanford Stadium Saturday, but fear my heart will be made of stone. I agree with Tony Barnhart. We are "at the point where the team needs to lift its fans."

I also agree that Coach Richt has absolutely earned the right to turn this thing around, whether it be Saturday, or some time in 2011.

Now, does that stand, no matter what? Let's see how the rest of the season goes.

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