Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Schultz: Dawgs just as strong as opponents

Surely, Jeff Schultz, you don't believe this:
1.) Recruiting: Some believe Georgia isn’t getting the athletes it used to. Bunk. Watch the games. The Bulldogs are no slower or weaker or smaller than their opponents. Recruiting services have had Georgia’s classes in or near the top 10 annually. If you believed them before, don’t stop believing them now just because it’s convenient.
Slower? No. Smaller? I'm not sure. But weaker? We are obviously weaker some of the teams we've played. Painfully obviously.

I can't say how much of that is recruiting versus the state of our strength and conditioning program versus other factors. But how anyone could watch this season play out and conclude that the Dawgs are as strong as their opponents is beyond me.

Update: Mr. Schultz was kind enough to respond:
I agree, they are being pushed around. But we differ on reason: attitude and coaching. (And yes, strength coach might be a part of this.) Point is it's not that there was a problem when athletes were recruited.
I agree to a point. But you can't talk about a strength problem without at least analyzing recruiting. In the system we've moved to you depend on linebackers. And when folks are running up the middle against you, middle linebackers.

I don't know that we've set the world on fire the last few years recruiting linebackers. The bottom line is that it's all a problem, and it all needs work.


Moggs said...

"Schultz: Dawgs just as strong as opponents"

Should I hug you or slap you?

Lucid Idiocy said...

I vote for neither.

CSA said...

I feel like a broken record here, but I'll say it again...

I've got a friend who is a walk-on for Georgia, playing mostly on the defensive scout team. He was and still is a powerlifter. Anyway, he's told me several times our S&C program is garbage.

Never mind the fact we've also heard this from NFL scouts, opponents coaches, players, etc.