Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Optimism: Not just for August

Joe: When you're not good, you also have bad luck

Me: So all whammies are self whammies.

Joe: If you are good, Ben Jones flies right through Kris Durham.

At the 1:49 mark Ben Jones does NOT fly through Kris Durham.

I listen to my friend Dan Starnes when he talks about football because he's been one of the more reasonable people I know on the subject. For example, before 2008 he did not chant "Fire Mark Richt!," unless it was meant in satire.

In more recent years his plan that Coach Richt remain our coach, but coach differently, advanced. He became less fun to talk to. But, two days ago, he left me a message that was not so pessimistic:
You know I'm actually not that down. That game hurt. But I think we've got a lot of positive things happening. Obviously we'll know better after the Auburn game, but I don't know.

I don't I think it's all gloom and doom. I think we could be in good shape. That's hard to say when you're 4-5, but we'll see. If we can get by the Auburn game without the one thing happening that's happened every season since 2006, including 2006, where we've been blown out in games — that hasn't happened this year. Freshman quarterback, new defense, I think we could be OK.

Just got to keep getting better. And you know Richt's going to have to do something different. And he can't fire Mike Bobo. That ain't it. You can't go with a new offensive coordinator next year unless you fire him and Richt becomes the offensive coordinator, which might not be a bad idea.
Dan also says to remember the last time we played at a top 5 Auburn team "with a freshman quarterback in the midst of an unbelievably shitty season."

So it can happen.

Me: Any scenario that doesn't involved Cam Newton missing that game ...

Joe: I don't have a lot of memory of Auburn games, honestly. Generally speaking, I remember those less than others. Oddly I remember the blackout.

The blackout's a good point. I guess what Dan, and to a lesser extent, I, are saying, is anything happen.
Joe: No. Not against Auburn. Not this year, my man. Unless they can play someone this week who can injure Cam Newton. Unless they play the fucking Steelers. And that's probably against the rules in the NFL anyway now.

Dan makes a couple good points. There are some positive things. But at the same time, I talked to my dad last night, and he's like, "I blame the coaches." Whatever reason, they just suck.

But Dan brings up a good point. You fire Mike Bobo, you bring in a new guy, he's got to run pretty much the same things. Because next year Richt's out of time.
Joe: Right?
BoldMe: Right.

Joe: The bottom line is you were supposed to be good on the o-line, and you're not. I think your strategy is you try to stop Cam Newton from running, and if he throws 7 touchdowns, so be it. Everybody runs for Cam Newton, every time. Isn't that your approach?

Me: It's as good a plan as any.

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