Friday, July 29, 2011

Optimism at the horizon

I was in Athens two weeks ago and ended up, as I usually do, downtown after midnight. And as I stepped onto a sidewalk, I felt the more-than-faint wisp of wet coolness in the breeze. An undercurrent of the coming season.

And I rediscovered that, no matter how many running backs we kick off the team, Georgia football's still coming.

So it is with that attitude that I devoured every word of this news, which The Senator rightly labelled "Dawg Porn." It's just an orgy of love for freshmen coming in at positions of need.

We remain thin on the offensive line. We've got problems at running back. Safety ... don't even get me started. But hope, thy name is Malcolm Mitchell. As Tyler Dawgden wrote:
I made it to July 28th without buying into off season hype. I can resist no longer. ... I hope the A.J. Green comparisons Malcolm Mitchell is drawing are real.

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