Saturday, September 3, 2011

MOHAWK UPDATES / BSU GAME Live Blog / Drinking

Why not? Say, 7:30?

5:35 - DRINKING GAME: When Aaron Murray completes a pass, take a sip of beer. When Orson Charles catches a pass, take two sips. The first time we run the sprint draw to Isaiah Crowell, make yourself a whiskey drink.

If Kwame Geathers or Jon Jenkins pancakes on top of Kellen Moore, get yourself a second whiskey drink.

If any Georgia coach gets so fired up that he chest bumps / grabs the facemask of a Bulldog player, or punches Kellen Moore in the face, punch everyone in the room in the face and say, "THAT'S THE GEORGIA WAY."

**Note: I probably will not play this game.

6:28: Holly Rowe's got your latest Orson Charles Mohawk picture. It is pro-combat style.

7:16 Joe from the Dome: "Our jerseys look horrible. We look like assholes. We look like Fresno State. Kellen Moore's easily in whiskey bottle range right now. Branden Smith, he looks (uninjured). He's practicing catching punts right now."

7:17: Mark Schlabach says basically the same thing about our uniforms.

8:12: You don't need this update: There's a lot of red in that Dome. Please kick to Brandon Boykin.

8:13: Brandon, tie your shoes just a little tighter.

8:17 Dan from the Dome: The early sentiment in section 338 is that Bobo sucks. Our fanbase is a fragile bunch.

8:26: Sprint draw to Crowell and he fell down. Drink heavily.

8:26: Orson Charles has fallen down twice. Lose your mind with worry.

And we've taken a timeout in punt formation, with Boise State on 4th and 2. I'd almost forgotten how often we waste timeouts.

8:38 Touchdown Boykin. On offense. Said it before, I'll say it again: Brandon Boykin is our best running back.

8:38: As an aside, I'm now OK with Branden Smith and Isaiah Crowell wearing the same number.

8:49: I'm not worried about Boise's offense, but I am worried about ours. (comment not inclusive of Brandon Boykin.)

8:59 Joe from the Dome: What happened when Shawn Williams got hurt and we put in a white guy. Whay is wrong with Rambo? I mean, it's still the first quarter. The longest quarter of my life ...

9:15: Go you Herschel Walker.

9:23 Huff from the Dome:

9:26: Murray int. Fuck. Also, Nike, all the guys with dreds keep losing their helmets. I will make it my mission in life to destroy you.

9:34: Noooooooo RT @ajcuga: Ogletree out for game for #UGA

9:35: Christian Robinson possibly hurt, too. Funny how quickly I can go from "we won't be very good" to "IT IS ALL SLIPPING AWAY" and we're only down by a touchdown to the No. 5 team in the nation.

9:39: Richard Samuel limping off the field. WHISKEY HALFTIME.

10:02 Joe from the Dome: Now we find out about Joe Tereshinski. Also, they are about to cut off alcohol sales here.

10:07 @theredandblack:
this no huddle is killing us

10:10: Looking slow against Boise: Priceless.

10:11: Dear Nike Pro Combat: Your helmets are unfit for "combat." Reason: They keep coming off.

10:12: Drink Whiskey.

10:12: Reset for those doing the post mortem: 28 to 7 Boise in the 3rd quarter.

10:15 Call the Rice band against Texas. See if they've got any advice.

10:20: I'm calling it at 10:20 p.m. on the night of the first game: Our O-Line is not very good.

10:22: RT @jeffowens95 I don't like our offensive scheme, since when did Georgia become a spread team??

10:23: I'm not sure we're running anything much different than in the past. But when you've lost Jeff Owens ...


10:36: To my dying day I'll believe David Greene overthrew Terrence Edwards in 2002, and that Brandon Boykin woulda taken that kick to the house if he wasn't kind of tired.

10:37: Oooooooohhhhh, Tavarres King you cannot drop passes.

10:39: Third and 16 and we run the draw. Son of a bitch.

10:40 Huff from the Dome: Our fan base has booed our team consistently since the end of the first half.


Geathers on the sideline. Come on Motel 6.

10:53: Double end arounds really shouldn't work against a fast defense.

10:56: This is hard to watch.


Kellen Moore, you are a brutal executionist.

11:30 Shortest College Football season of my life. Almost fun the two days it lasted.


Fed up said...

Well we don't look any better than we did in our bowl game.

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