Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Season Ahead if it Worked: The S&C

If the strength, conditioning and nutrition changes we made in the off season worked, this team will win 11 regular season games. I say that despite concerns about the offensive line, safety and wide receiver, not to mention running back and a few other places we're relying on new and largely unproven talent.

We've got a long list of question marks, in fact. But if THIS TEAM can push people around in the Fourth Quarter, I like it's chances an awful lot.

That includes tonight, against what I expect will be a very good Boise State team. I say Dawgs by 3.

The rest of the season? A while back The Dawgbone had a picture / motto / with one basic message: We believe in Joe Tereshinski. It went up after one of the guys played golf with Coach Tereshinski and, like a lot of people who've met him, came away impressed as hell.

"All I can say is JTII is a badass," Deke said. "After the round everyone was socializing in the clubhouse drinking and eating. JTII sat at a table by himself the whole time and talked to no one.

"I’m a fan."

Me too. I think we fulfill a lot more of our potential this year, and I'm excited.

Final Thoughts:

Dan: I hope we don't blow them out too bad and get the big head. Rest of the season, we'll know in 8 days.

Joe: My final thought is we win.

Huff: UGA 35 - BSU 24. Some of the years that we have the most question marks are the years we have the best seasons. What I want to know is are boooze served in the dome for this?

Post-game update: I no longer believe in anyone.


Anonymous said...

S& C wasn't the problem and won't matter if you can't execute the gameplan.

Lucid Idiocy said...

We're about to find out.

Anonymous said...

"S& C wasn't the problem and won't matter if you can't execute the gameplan." - Anon

They go hand in hand. If you are fatigued then your execution goes down. You don't hold your blocks, you don't run your routes as sharp, you don't tackle as well. S/C is related to execution. Its common sense

Anonymous said...

It didn't work.

Lucid Idiocy said...

No it did not.

Ally Garner said...

Yeah, I'm shocked SHOCKED that an old man with a whistle didn't completely revamp our conditioning program....

For the 2 most critical hires of Richt's tenure he went down the hall and to UAB. Brilliant.